Welcome to Regal Title Insurance Agency, Inc.

Regal provides title insurance throughout the State of New Jersey.

Our job is to make the process of purchasing, refinancing and/or leasing of residential and commercial property an enjoyable and easy process.

Our Title Commitments include everything you and your customers need to easily clear title and close.

We are always available to address all of your title insurance needs: Whether it’s a question concerning clearing an issue to close or what information is needed for your title commitment to be complete.

We provide a complete package to make your closing experience enjoyable. Our Leadership Team has over 30 years of Experience not just in title insurance but the broader Real Estate industry as a whole.

We are able to discover and resolve the most complex of title issues, and offer solutions that many other companies overlook.

Regal Title has licensed settlement officers throughout the state to assist with all of your real estate closing needs. The team at Regal Title works every minute of every day to make sure your file closes as soon as possible.


Regal Title Insurance Agency, Inc.

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