NJ Flippers & Funders

The NJ Flippers and Funders Meetup is a Real Estate Networking Group designed to help members of the real estate community connect with one another. While we will have educational speakers from time to time, the groups’ primary focus is on networking. At each event, attendees will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, say what they do, say what if anything they’re looking for, and then announce any opportunities they might have. At each event, guests will have the opportunity to submit their contact info, specialty and who they're looking to meet, and then after the meeting everyone's info will be put into a document and emailed out to all who attended. All are welcome to attend and feel free to contact me, Kyle Jasey at with any questions.

Property Peek Report

The Property PEEK Report is a comprehensive Property Report that provides useful data and GIS maps for Realtors, engineers, surveys, banks, builders, title agents, attorneys, mortgage lenders, and other professionals. This customizable report includes a 20-year tax assessment history, taxmap with satellite imagery, zoning map, historical aerials (going back to 1930), Category-1 water (with buffers), wetlands, preserved & open spaces, DEP-reported contaminated sites, farmland preserved and open spaces, CAFRA, Highlands management, Pineland, management, topo, soils data, and sewer service areas. This report is not insured. It is provided as a 'heads-up' for potential issues related to a property. Some of those issues require additional analysis beyond the scope of the report (i.e. for a complete wetlands analysis, an engineer must walk the property to survey and collect data).